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As a computer scientist I spent a lot of my time with computers. So the question which operating system I am using or HAVE to use is of decisive importance. Wherever and whenever possible, I am using Linux.

Nowadays, you can hardly find anybody who hasn't heard of Linux. But what some people know about it is often far from reality. There is still a rumour saying that Linux is hard to be installed, as if there are no distributions like OpenSuSE, Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu. The easiest way to run Linux on your PC is to use Knoppix. People are amazed from the outset by Knoppix's ease of use. Knoppix is an entire Linux operating system (Debian distribution) on a single bootable "live" CD.
But not everything is as simple as it seems and that's true for Linux as well. There are situations where somebody doesn't have the time or has other problems, so that one needs professional help, i.e. a training course or seminar. That's why I founded in 2007 a company, called Bodenseo, which is specialized in Linux related software and Linux training. I am one of Bodenseo's lecturer of Linux, giving numerous Linux courses and seminars both for beginners and for advanced learners. The Linux training takes place in one of the most beautiful holiday areas of Germany, i.e. Lake Constance (German Bodensee, and that's where the "strange" company name stems from) The courses are in German and English and since autumn 2007 in French as well. Via airport Friedrichshafen, Bodenseo is just a stone's throw away from Italy or London. back to home
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